Free Stuff

Here is a list of free stuff released by Hart Computer, Inc.

1. nfsbu - Perl scripts to backup over NFS

2. phpBBHC - Big Brother Hosts Configurator

3. XF86Config sample for Toshiba Libretto1000CT

4. A multi-threaded pretend SMTP server to waste spammers' time using RBLs

5. DEAG: A tool to generate distorted GIF images out of your e-mail address. This image can display your e-mail address on your website in place of using the mailto:x@x HTML tag which can be used by spambots to collect addresses. Distortion is added to make the image only readable by humans.

6. A Big Brother perl module to check the status of Windows Media Servers. All it does is connect to to port 1755 (default port for WMS) and check it's open.