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This system and a second-hand Macintosh allows you to do the same as the Mt. Fuji Web camera. CAMERA can be ROTATEDI

"Free Web Watchman" is a free software. To download please go to near bottom of the page.

Web Watchman Pro type D20

This product does not come with a camera (It can be purchased with a Zoom lens).

"Web Watchman Pro Type D20" The Outline

"Web Watchman Pro" is a system created for the WWW which displays soundless photographic images. With an old Macintosh and the "Web Watchman pro" , a web camera can be installed easily and cheaply. Such things as the light and the buzzer are controlled by the browser, so the web camera may be used for observation and warning purposes.

The system is made for Mac. However, as the camera mounter "Web Panoramic Head" can be connected through a serial board to a computer and controlled with an easy command it may be used in various platforms. As a characteristics of the WWW, the writing can be stretched across many servers. Which means that relations to images can be left alone to this system and other HTML and UNIX servers, so an utilized characteristics of the server is contracted.

Live view of images such as the weather, the settled snow, size of the wave, the inhibited animal care, the office during night and holidays, confirmation of the stock, the traffic, condition of the pet while away on holiday, information of the destination and more can be observed and inspected at a fixed point with this camera. A web camera which is controlled by the browser will definitely increase access to the personal WWW. By setting up multiple number of "Web Watchman Pro"at various places the computer of that individual will be just like a station of centralized observing control.

"Web Watchman Pro Type D20" Description (Included items)

Web Watchman Pro is retailed at \89,800.To order or any inquiries please contact Hart Computer at . Web Watchman Pro can also be purchased as a wholesale item as well as direct sale item. For direct sale please contact Hart Computer by e-mail. Web Watchman Pro can be purchased by either approaching to Hart Computer or it may exchanged with cash on delivery. Delivery after deposit confirmation is also a possibility . When ordering please ask the condition of the stock at Hart Computer as only limited number of Web Watchman Pro is stored here.
For the price of Web Watchman Pro with zoom lens and/or modem cable please click here.

Necessary Items for "Web Watchman Pro"

To connect up to internet and intranet the following are needed.

To see the constituted image of above please click here.To view the screen of a Macintosh ( LC 475,6100/60 ) used at Hart computer please click here. To observe the cost including set up of the server please click here.

The Characteristics of the System

Camera Mounter "APZ812"

The Control Software "Free Web Watchman"


Web Watchman Pro style book ( Photographic appearance )

Control software "Free Web Watchman "(Free software)

Download the software ( For Mac ) (c) copy right 1997 Hart computer,inc

For instructions please click here.

If Free Web Watchman is to be used as a free software, a link to " Web Watchman Pro" would be appreciated ( This is not an enforcement ). If a link from Hart Computers site is wanted write an introductory note in English( Under 40 words ), specify URL and contact

If the camera mounter "Web Panoramic Head" is set upped to have no control, it may be used as a genera web camera software.
This software is same as the retailed Web Watchman Pro but it has no user support.
If user support is wanted it is retailed at 20000yen. For any further question please contact at the address below.

Connection Links

Mapserve:clickable map for joint-web of Mac http, Webstar, and Apple.
WWW server software ; WebStar, MacHTTP, NetPresenz, Quid Pro Quo
Mail server ( Eudra Internet Server )
Sound studio light recording software ( Shareware $10 )


Development of control software for windows is now underway.
Publishing of sites which uses Web Watchman Pro is done for free. If wished please send URL and title to the address below. Will be linked even if it is used as Free Web Watchman
To editors of magazines & books:We are able to rent out samples of Web Watchman. Please contact

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